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Paul in Chains
Video Epistles

These “video epistles” are intended to help us imagine the temperament and emotions of the Apostle Paul as he dictated the letters we now possess in the New Testament.

They are meant to augment our study of the truths of the Scriptures by also familiarizing ourselves with the difficult struggles and the wonderful joys of preaching the gospel among the Gentiles in the first century. Can we recapture some of Apostle's passion and zeal for today in the twenty-first century?

The Holy Spirit is speaking through Paul not just to ancient believers, but also directly to us today.

Each epistle is broken down into videos of around five minutes or less.

Corinthians Closing Image.jpg

Second Corinthians    4 videos

Title ZZZ.jpg

Galatians          12 videos

Title zzz.jpg

Second Timothy   6 videos

More video epistles are coming.

Please keep checking back.

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