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Duffy Roberts as Paul in Chains: Ephesians

What if ?

Duffy Roberts as Paul in Chains: Philippians
Duffy Roberts as Paul in Chains: Ephesians

What if the great Apostle came and preached in your church?



What if he looked you in the eye, and spoke inspired truth to your soul? 



What if you could be with Saint Paul as he shared his fellowship in Christ's sufferings and he exulted in the supreme joy of faith in Jesus?



What if you could better understand his convictions, his passion and his struggles?



Would you be any different? 

Would you be inspired by his example?

Would you be encouraged to imitate his faith?

Would you walk more closely with the Jesus he proclaimed?



Paul's words have been God's instrument for building and equipping the saints for centuries. What if these words leapt off their pages and came alive in the midst of your congregation?



Allow me to come and present one of my dramatized recitations of the letters of Paul to your church, school or gathering. You will never read the Bible in the same way again.



My name is Duffy Roberts.

May I present for you my dramatic interpretation of  "Paul in Chains"?

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